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Why You Need to Hire a Licensed DUI Attorney in Las Vegas

If you happen to be under arrest and charged with DUI, Driving under the Influence in Nevada, you will need to go through two completely different procedures. One is driving under the Influence, and the other is the DUI arrest. The first is a criminal proceeding for your offense that you will need to deal with in a court setting. The second is a civil proceeding concerning whether or not you will be able to keep your driving license which is done in the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

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It is necessary to hire the best Las Vegas DUI Attorney to help you walk all through the right steps to attempt to eliminate any serious results in your DUI case. DUI attorneys represent individuals that have been charged with using drugs in excess of the amounts set by the Nevada laws while driving a car. As the attorney of the person being charged or arrested for the offense, the Las Vegas DUI attorney can handle all parts of the case.

Driving under the influence or DUI is a serious crime and not a let fly matter as many see it. As a matter of fact, DUI defense has advanced into a particularly specialized and focused discipline in Ohio and across the nation. It is important to make sure that you know not only which Las Vegas DUI attorney you are hiring for your crucial case, but also what other types of cases that attorney is involved in.

What a DUI Attorney Las Vegas will do for you

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An excellent Las Vegas DUI lawyer will discuss with his or her clients and make facts on the possible situations if that person is convicted – canceled or suspended driver’s license, fees, fines and time. Usually, skilled DUI defense lawyer Las Vegas will  challenge the arrest.  They will make a shot to influence the court to lower the charges. The Las Vegas DUI attorney will also try to decrease the sentence against the defendant. At times the DUI attorney will argue whether the authorities was within his constitutional rights to stop the car. They can question whether the testing was appropriate and exact.

Is it wise for you to go solo in handling a DUI charge?

Under any condition, it is not advisable to attempt to work your way out of any criminal charge without the service of a competent DUI attorney Las Vegas. The common mistake that most of us make is that we take a DUI charge as a minor offense which it is not under any condition. In fact, DUI offense is one of the most serious and complicated criminal cases.  They may result in potentially irreparable damage on your present situation and even your future.

Never attempt to answer questions regarding your DUI offense without the presence of a DUI attorney Las Vegas.

A competent DUI lawyer will be able to establish your best defense against the DUI charge that may be levied against you. In fact, the main purpose of getting the services of a good DUI attorney is for you to be able to take some legal remedies and prevent the filing of formal charges for DUI offense.

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There are several aspects of the DUI case which you should thoroughly discuss and analyze with your DUI lawyer. As a defendant in a criminal case, you have the legal right to contest the conduct and result of blood alcohol tests. Issues affecting the manner at which the test was administered and even the technical competence of the officer conducting the test may be challenged by the defendant in the DUI case.

One should also be very alert and perceptive of any procedural lapses that may be committed before, during and after the test for blood alcohol content. A seasoned DUI lawyer is the right person who can see through any points of possible defensive maneuver arising from erroneous actions and/or lapses committed during the conduct of the test. A simple procedural lapse in giving the prescribed chemical test rights can be a valid ground for the exclusion of the test result for blood alcohol content.

The determination of probable cause is another critical element of the DUI offense. There are legal requisites that have to be satisfied before an arrest for a suspect DUI offense can be implemented. Under a contested DUI arrest, your DUI lawyer can move for the suppression of the results of the test for blood alcohol level.
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Another testy issue is the determination of driving impairment during the time of DUI arrest. This condition which is generally ascertained by the arresting officer may present a lot of legal options to your DUI lawyer.


All these critical issues that impact on the determination of a probable DUI offense show that you need the service of a competent DUI lawyer. You should always remember that any minor action or inaction on your part will have a serious impact not only on your present situation but also to your future. Thus, before you even think of trying to sort your problem without the presence of a competent lawyer, consider the irreparable damage that this can do to you.  A DUI offense is a complicated criminal offense that involves heavy penalties and even a jail term.


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